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Here to Elevate and Inspire You

Our Story

About Us

Volonic was created to make you take flight through the fusion of technology and fashionable pieces of art. We strive to create and share transformative experiences that inspire you to see the world from a different perspective. We don’t take shortcuts. We don’t compromise. We don’t expect anything less than perfection because we have you in mind.

We are here to inspire you. 

Our Inspiration

Take Flight With Us

Volonic believes that the products we use should be a reflection of each individual. To inspire the best we see in everyone, we spare no expense to develop solutions that are just as beautiful and elegant on the outside, as they are innovative and sophisticated on the inside. 


Made For You

You Are Volonic

Volonic serves a new generation of consumers who believe that beauty and elegance can live in the same space as technology and functionality. Our users see no boundaries, celebrate diversity and are drawn to the beauty of divergent fusions. 

With an eye towards a better future, they are focused on identifying and sharing the best our world has to offer regardless of perceived natural fit. They are the refined mavericks, the sophisticated rebels and the edgy ladies and gentlemen, who adamantly disagree with the status quo and are intent on shaping a magnificent world ahead of us.