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Ultralight and Powerful: Introducing Carbon Fiber

Ultralight and Powerful: Introducing Carbon Fiber

What is the magic that comes to us in the form of a super powerful and ultralight, lightweight material? We are introducing you to the new material of the future, carbon fiber.

Something that at the same time, can be simultaneously so dynamic and lightweight, is exploited for its performance as well as its aesthetics, altogether combined making it the perfect ingredient suitable for Volonic.

From aerospace engineering to civil engineering, industrial engineering, among many other branches of engineering, we synchronise carbon fiber directly with your innovative wireless charger.


Benefits of Carbon Fiber

Image provided by New Atlas

You may have already heard of something about carbon fiber from the aerospace industry, competition sports, engineering, or even the military. This is a highly coveted material for good reason as it is well known to be very strong, stiff, yet lightweight - making it an extremely popular choice among these industries and others. Its specialization in high performance products from racing cars to aircrafts is a modern innovation.

Being low in weight in similarity to plastic and five times more powerful than steel, you can see why it was an easy choice to make. The strands of carbon fiber can be thinner than a strand of hair off your beautiful head.

Partly mechanically and chemically engineered, the thin strands of carbon fiber are heated to a very high temperature all while preventing any contact with oxygen so that the fibers will not burn. At this stage is where the carbonization occurs. The carbon atoms inside the fibers will vibrate intensely due to the extreme heat as the non-carbon atoms will be expelled. What will remain at the end of this process are very tight and interlocking chains of carbon atoms, which is exactly what we need.

The strength emerges when the strands are woven together to form a cloth. Nowadays, carbon fiber is preferred over aluminium or metals by professional engineers and designers everywhere due of its resistance to rust, which is another one of its biggest advantages over other materials. When high strength to weight and high stiffness to weight ratios are desired, our carbon fibre is the first choice for you.


Stories of Carbon Fiber

Image provided by The New York Times

This brand-new material was only discovered for its potential in modern use during the 1960s. Coal and iron were among the materials that powered the explosion of growth during the Industrial Revolution. Carbon fiber is the revolution of our times. This kind of limitless potential is what allows humankind to advance, innovate, and create new structures that were previously unimaginable.

As the material of choice for SpaceX, the reasoning was simply down to the strength to weight ratio that only carbon fiber can offer. The vessel that will take us to space, the Interplanetary Transport System (ITS) is stands at an astounding 400 feet.

The Starship, also known as the 40-foot-wide tank made of carbon fiber, is the most vital component to the ITS. The Starship’s enormous size rightly earns the title as the largest fuel tank that has ever been produced for flight in space. The ITS aspires to transport around 200 humans from Earth to Mars, therefore this rocket needs a lot of fuel.


Carbon Fibre & Volonic

This is where you come in. As someone who is constantly searching for a high-performance luxury experience, we are here to deliver only the best, just for you. Here at Volonic, we only choose from the finest selection of materials available, with especially your pleasure in consideration. Our premium high-quality material collection is comprised of carbon fiber, as well as Alcantara, aluminium, and leather, among others.

Not only does the design satisfy both of our top standards, but we have also designed our products to be aesthetically appealing. Our sleek wireless chargers will efficiently charge all of your devices, all while delivering great pleasure to your senses of touch and vision.

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