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The Royal Vicuña Wool

The Royal Vicuña Wool

Reputed as the softest and warmest wool of its kind, it is no wonder that it is considered the world's most expensive and exclusive wool. Civilizations have long-sought-after vicuñas, so much so that they have earned their status to be on the Peruvian coat of arms and Peru's national animal.

Closely related to the llama and alpaca family, vicuñas are caught from the wild and raised for their precious coats. As they only produce minimal amounts of extremely fine wool every year - a mere 0.5 kilograms to be exact - vicuñas are shorn every few years, which rightfully explains the high price tag.

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Benefits of Vicuña Wool

Vicuña wool is known or its rarity and value and its incredibly soft and light features. The thread produced is a highly coveted material choice for home furnishings and apparel, owing to its fine hairs' interlocking scales. The details and fibres of the fabric allow for the creation of exceptional outerwear, scarves, and other winter apparel. Due to its popularity for warmth, it passes the quality and softness of cashmere. Coats made from the exclusive material have become an utmost symbol of style and status and can undoubtedly be recognized as a trophy piece. However, to truly appreciate the fleece, one must touch it first-hand to grasp its unparalleled beauty fully.

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Stories of Vicuña Wool

The Fiber of the Gods.

The Golden Fleece of the Andes.

The vicuña's wool was worshipped by the Inca civilization, where garments were once only worn exclusively by royalty. During the empire, it was against the law for those who were not royal to wear garments made of vicuña. Hence, the exclusive material was reserved only for royalty.

The value of vicuña wool resides in its quality and the difficulty in gathering the material. As we know, vicuñas do not produce wool very quickly; once shed, it takes years for it to grow back, posing a challenge for herders to collect in large quantities. As a result of this rare event, the shedding of vicuña wool often occurs during Inca festivals. With no domesticated herds, this means that the wool's shearing can only begin after successfully herding vicuñas. Once gathered, shearers must be remarkably delicate and careful to avoid harming the animal before being safely released into the wild.

Vicuña Wool & Volonic

We are here to inspire. To guide you on your journey in designing and creating your very own Volonic Valet, a revolutionary wireless charger that expresses exactly who you are. We have selected and sourced the highest-grade and best-in-class quality materials that the world has to offer to bring you an experience like never before.

For our Limited First Edition, we present to you a configuration the world has never seen; a masterpiece plated in yellow gold and surfaced in vicuña Wool.

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