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The Multi-Functional Beauty of Leather

The Multi-Functional Beauty of Leather

Known as one of mankind's earliest luxuries, leather is one of the most significant and treasured materials to survive throughout the ages. With a plethora of luxurious properties, leather is precisely known for its natural beauty and incomparable feel.

At Volonic, we source the highest quality leather from Hydes Leather, a leading distributor for premium automotive and luxury products. Being the only Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) supplier with a collection of over 1,000 colors of real leathers, fabrics, and materials, Hydes Leather has earned a prominent reputation and a home in the Volonic collection.


Characteristics of Leather

Vicuña wool is known or its rarity and value and its incredibly soft and light features. The thread produced is a highly coveted material choice for home furnishings and apparel, owing to its fine hairs' interlocking scales. The details and fibres of the fabric allow for the creation of exceptional outerwear, scarves, and other winter apparel. Due to its popularity for warmth, it passes the quality and softness of cashmere. Coats made from the exclusive material have become an utmost symbol of style and status and can undoubtedly be recognized as a trophy piece. However, to truly appreciate the fleece, one must touch it first-hand to grasp its unparalleled beauty fully.

Image provided by Hydes Leather

Sensory appeal. Defined by its premium qualities, the high calibre material conveys its natural beauty through unique patterns, giving it a sleek and stylish presence. Soft to the touch, leather can be completely smooth or more textured, depending on the type of grain selected. Complementing the sensory stimulation, authentic leather carries a sophisticated, distinctive smell that exudes luxury.

Versatility. Leather can be cut, dyed and shaped with comparative ease. Its natural elements allow the material to provide sufficient insulation, yet remain breathable at the same time, with a flexible composition promoting utmost comfort.

Durability. Made from animal hides, leather undergoes a tanning process to effectively prevent decay and alter the skin's protein structure. The result of extremely strong texture makes it difficult to scratch or scruff, making it more resilient and long-lasting. Leather outlives all other synthetic or cotton materials and can be easily cleaned with a light dusting or slightly damp cloth.

Sustainability. It is important to note – leather is a by-product of the meat industry, which would have otherwise become landfill. Its incredible durability post-tanning makes it resistant from typical wear and tear such as fading, cracking, or tearing. Hydes Leather pledges their commitment to sustainability by sourcing materials from the European Union tanneries that are 100% fully regulated by strict EU's standards. Leather also does not require any harsh cleaning products.


Leather is timeless – its aesthetic appearance, admirable resilience and vast versatility make it a good investment that will last for years, if not decades.


Exclusive Stories of Leather

Image provided by Gucci

Now we know the extensive benefits of this extraordinary material, the question is – who's using it? The popularity of leather continues to be seen across a variety of industries. Countless luxury fashion brands continue to work with leather, based on its versatility to produce classic, timeless pieces.
The founder of luxury brand Gucci, Guccio Gucci, began his profession working with the luggage of wealthy clients of the Savoy Hotel in London. Having identified this industry's rich opportunities, he began his leather production nearly a century ago, initially supplying equestrians' demand. By the 1940s, Gucci had developed the internationally renowned Gucci leather bag and bamboo handle.

Hydes Leather manufactures leather for several of the affluent automotive companies including BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Lamborghini, Porsche, and many more. While these automotive companies differ significantly from luxury retail brands, they share one common pursuit; to provide comfort, performance, and elegance. With an established reputation for supplying vintage and exotic manufacturers, it is no wonder why so many of the elites select Hydes Leather as their first choice! This is just another reason why Volonic has chosen to partner with Hydes Leather.


Leather & Volonic

At Volonic, we aim to inspire. To guide you on your journey in designing and creating your very own Volonic Valet, a revolutionary wireless charger that expresses exactly who you are. To fulfil this mission and optimize your lifestyle, we have selected the world's highest quality materials that we know can work with your needs.

With Hydes Leather, we present two luxurious leather options for you to choose from: the exclusive Prima Nappa and the Lamborghini Nappa full-grain leather option. We never compromise, and we never settle for less. Take flight with us.

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